Mindots offers psychometric assessment for subject and stream/career selection. Based on a comprehensive psychometric test comprising of over 200 questions for greater accuracy, our assessment aims to bring mental peace to students through the guidance of individual career and psychological counseling post-assessment.

About Psychometrics

Psychometrics is a scientific discipline concerned with the construction of measurement models for psychological data. In these models, a theoretical construct (e.g., intelligence) is systematically coordinated with observables (e.g., IQ scores). This is often done through latent variable models, which represent the construct of interest as a latent variable that acts as the common determinant of a set of test scores.

Benifit of Psychometrics

Psychometric tests are a set of physical and mental queries intended to get a better understanding of the individual’s conditioning. Most examinations aim at testing the learning capability of the student and never get to access the mental makeup of a person. The tests aim at revealing the cognitive capacity of the person before taking to making life-changing educational decisions. Psychometric tests can reveal the suitability of the student to a particular field of study, Rather than focus on what pays more or what the parents would want the child to pursue.

Our Counsellors



Sahil Zaman is an ambitious professional who has a passion for career counseling. Passionate about high school education, he is a skilled advisor providing positive direction to students. Right from academic to social, and emotional wellbeing.



Loya Agarwala is an experienced School Counsellor and Personality Development Consultant for the last 18 years. She has been associated with several reputed educational institutions of Guwahati and Mumbai to which she is invited regularly. She has also served as Counsellor for the Assam State Women’s Commission for a number of years.

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