How Will The MiNDOTS* Psychometric Assessment Help You?

The Mindots* psychometric assessment will help to explore aptitudes pertaining to various skills such as numerical, verbal and logical skills as well as personality and interests to determine which subject choices or stream/career would be best suited to you.


At Mindots*, we have put together a comprehensive psychometric assessment comprising of over 200 questions for greater accuracy. It is based on latest versions of standardized tests which will quickly enlighten you of your suitability to a particular field of study. After the test we provide post-assessment counselling sessions with the opportunity for you to come and discuss any issues with us in person.

How Can I Appear For The Mindots* Psychometric Assessment?

It’s an online assessment so you can simply register by clicking on the link and filling up the enrolment form. Once you send us your form, you will be directed to a payment gateway for the payment of the fee. You will then receive a confirmation of payment.

When Can I Do The Mindots* Psychometric Assessment?

Whenever you have a couple of hours of free time, sit in a quiet place and click on the link to the test. As soon as you submit the OTP, the test will start. You do not have to prepare for the test beforehand.

When Will I Get The Report?

You will get your report within 24 hours of appearing for the assessment. This time lag is because our counsellor’s individually check your report first before sending to the registered email address as provided on the enrolment form.

What Happens After The Assessment?

Unlike others, we do not say goodbye to you after your assessment. We like to keep a personal connection with you and so you and your parents can avail of one-to one counselling sessions with us at our centres, based in Guwahati. We will continue to guide you till you feel you are ready to fly on your own!